Discipline Policy

Discipline Policy of PISOD

PISOD focuses on the overall development of the students, to be disciplined and refined in every walk of life. The school discipline policy is communicated to the students from time to time, often verbally and occasionally in writing. It must be noted that in extreme cases, violation of the discipline policy can lead to an out-of-school suspension or even removal from the school rolls (with the permission of the Board of Governors).

Furthermore, the respect of PISOD teachers is of utmost importance and cannot be compromised in any way. In addition, if any student is found indulging in activities that lead to disrespectful behavior towards teachers, strict disciplinary action may be taken as per school policies. It should be mentioned that corporal punishment is strictly forbidden.

The school’s discipline policies are present on the notice boards of each section of PISOD. However; some of the major offenses are also given below:

All students of PISOD are expected to maintain high standards of behavior. It is the staff’s expectation that students will learn and exhibit self-discipline and positive conduct. Rules to ensure appropriate behavior are established and enforced to maintain a safe and orderly environment that allows for optimum learning.

Disciplinary Infractions

  • The possession of smart cell phones and other types of electronic gadgets like Ipods, smart watches, Bluetooth, etc. These will be confiscated.
  • Cheating on assignments, tests and quizzes.
  • Disrespecting teachers’ personal spaces and property.
  • Fighting, and, when applicable, involving brothers and sisters to help out.
  • Bullying.
  • Inappropriate representation of the school.
  • Theft.
  • Being in possession of any weapons.
  • Defacing School Property.
  • Skipping or leaving school without permission.
  • Bad behavior on the bus.
  • Smoking on school property.
  • Not adhering to the school uniform Policy.
  • Poor attendance. Those students whose attendance is below 80 % will not be allowed to take the exams.
  • Transactions.
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